My name is Jolana Davidovičová and I work as a lace maker
and lecturer
in the Educational Association of Arts
and Crafts
in Prague .
Ever since I started school I have been interested in work with
threads, cotton threads, wool, needles and hooks and so
I started to embroider, knit and crochet.
After secondary school, I was lucky enough to gain a place
at the
Educational Institute of Art Production, where I completed
two-year professional training course and penetrated into the
mysteries of
bobbin and stitched lace, embroidery and weaving.
After graduation from the Clothing Technical College in Prague
I worked
as a lace maker at the Centre for Folk Art Production,
where I received the degree Worker of Art Production.
In 2002 I began to cooperate with my former teacher
Mrs. Iva Prošková and the Educational Association of Arts
and Crafts in
Prague , where I work as a lecturer of bobbin lace,
Tenerife , and weaving.
In addition I also create my own work, especially in the field
bobbin lace and I like using non-traditional materials, such
as wire.
I make my jewellery and accessories according to my
own designs
, and also I make lace for interiors as tapestries
and pictures. I have published several articles in the women´s
Dressmaker and the Practical Woman.
I also design sets of patterns for lace makers. I participated
in international festivals and competitions of lace makers.
In 2007 I won the first prize in the Slovak Republic and a year
later the first
prize in Hungary .
I am glad that you visited my website and I hope you like
what you found.